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Teaching the Art of Filmmaking to kids 11-18.

 Welcome to the 2007 Screening Room!

Click below to view the film of your choice.
Password is required. Please contact us below or on Facebook if needed.

Prelude | Advanced Film 2007

The Flop | Intermediate Film 2007

the flop

The Files of Aiden Smith | Intermediate Film 2007


files of aiden smith

The Perfect Match | Intermediate Film 2007



perfect match

In A Barbie World | Beginner Film 2007



barbie world

The McMuffin Man | Beginner Film 2007

mcmuffin man

Little Red in the Hood | Beginner Film 2007

little red

See Both Sides | Beginner Film 2007

see both sides

Doodles | Beginner Film 2007


Not So Much Survivor Man | Beginner Film 2007

not so much survivor
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