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Meet our graduates...


Many of our film camp student have not only gone on to some of the top film schools in country, many are currently working in the film and television industry. 


Our graduates have gone to ---

  • Act in CSI, JAMESY BOY and other TV series/films

  • Write, work in Animation & Special FX for DREAMWORKS 

  • Produced a web series on FUNNY or DIE

  • Become original singer/songwriters

  • Mixed & Sound Designed films for Warner Brothers and other post-production facilities in LA

  • Shoot cover photos for API and have their work appear on the cover of the New York Times and Austin newspapers

  • Edit films, web series, documentaries and animation

  • Develop animated films for FOX Animation Studios

  • Worked on VEEP & House of Cards, JAMESY BOY



Teaching the Art of Filmmaking to kids 11-18.

Click on the images to play videos

of alumnae stories...

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