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Teaching the Art of Filmmaking to kids 11-18.

 Welcome to the 2016 Screening Room!

Click below to view the film of your choice.
Password is required. Please contact us below or on Facebook if needed.

Meta | Advanced Film 2016

Rock Me Amadeus | Intermediate Film 2016


Nowhere to Nun | Intermediate Film 2016


Pulp Non-Fiction | Intermediate Film 2016

Pulp NonFiction

Past to President | Beginner Film 2016

Past to President

Girl Thunder | Beginner Film 2016

Girl Thunder

Game Boy | Beginner Film 2016

Game Boy

World War Steve | Beginner Film 2016

World War Steve

Got A Clue? | Beginner Film 2016

Got A Clue?

Outside | Beginner Film 2016

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