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Is Film Camp a fit for my child?


Is your child is a storyteller? A tech geek? An athlete? An actor? All of the kids will forge friendships built through creative collaboration in a non-competitive environment.

Have ideas? Just add enthusiasm, gear and a little know-how.


What do I need to bring?


All cameras, lights, audio and editing equipment will be provided. Just bring a lunch.


What if my child doesn't know anyone?

We bond on day one from the very start. We group and introduce kids almost immediately through fun initiatives and games to pitching ideas in front of one another.


Do I have to know about filmmaking before coming to camp?

No. Everyone is here to learn. It's a hands-on, experiential program, so you learn as you do.. The staff to kid ratio is 2 to 1, so there are lots of adults to show, share and explain how things work.


What about computers? Do I need to know the editing software?

No. Once again, the whole concept of this is about learning. Kids get to learn a lot in a short period of time.


When will parents see my movie?

The camp culminates in a film festival on the last night. We will show 6 Beginners films, 3 Intermediate films and 1 Advanced film. Food is provided for all and in a few more weeks, you will receive a download link of all of the camp films.

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